Carol Ann Haines


"Writing became such a process of discovery that I couldn't wait
to get to work in the morning: I wanted to know
what I was going to say."

~ Sharon O'Brien

"An inspiring, comprehensive, well-written primer that will get women off the couch and properly caring for their still-beautiful bodies."

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Karyn Saemann
US Review of Books

"I loved the article The Value of Aging. Right on Ms. Haines...there is nothing wrong with embracing our age. I am not afraid to tell anyone that I am 67. I am proud of it."

Melissa from San Diego

"Carol Haines, a freelance writer for San Diego Woman Magazine, is not only an excellent writer, but a consummate professional. Her research and writing skills are impeccable. Carol approaches every project with excitement and creativity. Her attention to detail helps to make her the type of writer you can count on to fulfill any assignment."

Judith A. Habert
San Diego Woman

"Carol is an entertaining and inspiring writer and her writing is very accessible. Since meeting Carol a couple of years ago through a writer's group, I have enjoyed her stories and early drafts of her book 'Living Fit After Fifty' and I am looking forward to its release so I can read the whole thing."

Judi Snyder

"I thought that Fit After Fifty was full of great information for helping women to stay in shape. It seems to get harder as I get older, but the tips will help."

Carol from Point Loma

"Carol writes eloquently about her life experiences, whether it is a dramatic, life changing event or a humorous travel experience.  I always enjoy reading her stories and look forward to her book, 'Living Fit After Fifty'."

Diane Netter
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